The following layouts are expected to attend our next Members Day on 4th December 2021:

  • Hirson Bellevue (Howard Coulson)
  • Wintoncester (Pat Collins)
  • Wickhambreux (David Marshall)
  • Wissey Creek (Stuart Reeve)
  • Frem009 (Paul Steedman & friends)
  • Hazelcombe (Nic Arthur)
  • River Crane Mill (John Thorne)
  • Sodham Hall (Toby Hollins-Jones)
  • Kaninchenbau (Iain Morrison)
  • East Quay (John Niblett)
  • Selborne (Julian Evison)

Also attending:

  • 009 Society Sales stand and “Spares & Repairs” service
  • James’ Train Parts showing what he can provide using 3d Printing and what he can supply to 009 Society.

Last updated: 6th Oct 2021